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I recently moved into a new home and I wasn’t satisfied with the lighting in the garage. The garage lighting consisted of one fluorescent light batten that is controlled with a standard light switch.

Smart Garage LED Lighting

This project’s focus is to drastically upgrade the fluorescent light batten and automate turning on/off my new smart garage LED lighting.


Improve Garage Lighting

The first objective is to improve my garage lighting brightness and colour temperature. The one fluorescent light batten is not sufficient to illuminate inside my 20 SQM garage.

The existing batten is positioned near the far end of the garage. It is not in the center because of the garage door opener installation. I’d like to re-position the batten closer to the center for better light coverage.

Smart Garage LED Lighting

The colour temperature is a personal preference. I dislike the dull warm yellow tone that fluorescent light battens produce. I prefer cool white LED-based lighting.

Automate Garage Lighting

The second objective is to automate my garage lighting turning on & off from opening and closing my garage side door.

The existing light switch is difficult to locate in darkness so it would be super convenient for the lighting to turn on/off automatically.


I spent some time looking for all-in-one smart Wi-Fi light battens. I was surprised that I couldn’t find any such solution. Most smart lights are either bulbs or LED strips rather than tubes or battens. 

I decided on an alternative approach to achieve my objectives. 

LED Light Batten

I opted to upgrade my fluorescent light batten to two LED light battens. These LED light fixtures use less energy and can be installed on any ceiling. They are a direct LED replacement for fluorescent fittings, and they turn on instantly & flicker-free.

They also have a slim profile design, come with suspension clips for easy installation, and emit a cool white (4000K) light at 2,150 lumens.

Smart Life Light Switch

To make both my new light battens “smart”, I purchased a Smart Life light switch to replace my traditional light switch.

This switch will enable automating and controlling my lights remotely using the Smart Life/Tuya app. This smart light switch also supports a device sharing function so my family members can control the lights too.

Smart Life Door Sensor

I selected a Smart Life door sensor to act as a trigger for turning the LED garage lighting on or off. I can also use the Smart Life/Tuya app to monitor the status of my garage side door.

If something happens e.g. the door is opened or closed, I’ll get a push notification on my smartphone. The app also keeps a record of past events, so you can see if & when the door was opened or closed.

LED Light Batten Installation

I hired an electrician to replace my fluorescent with LED light battens. After removing the old light battens, he took note of the position of the wires. He then removed the two plastic fixing brackets from the back of the batten and I held the brackets in place on the timber frame to mark the position of the fixing holes.

Smart Garage LED Lighting

We doubled checked the distance measured between the brackets and fixed brackets in place.

Lastly, he unscrewed the terminal block casing and connected the supply cable to the terminal block. We identified the wiring from the old light and connected it to the connection block inside the LED batten.

Smart Garage LED Lighting

I am really pleased with the final look. My garage is so much brighter and suits the cooler white tone.

Smart Garage LED Lighting
Smart Garage LED Lighting

Smart Life Switch & Door Sensor Installation

To enhance my shiny new LED garage lighting and attain smart Wi-Fi functionality, I had to install the Smart Life products purchased.

Smart Life Light Switch

The electrician I hired also installed the Smart Life light switch. He connected the Live wire to the “L” terminal, Bulb wire to “L1, L2, L3” terminals and Neutral wire to the “N” terminal.

Smart Garage LED Lighting

Next up, he fixed the switch onto the wall by putting the lower parts into the existing box, mounted with the two side screws and then fixed the top part into place.

Smart Garage LED Lighting

Smart Life Door Sensor

To install my Smart Life door sensor, I stuck the sensor on the door and the magnet on the door frame. Smart Life provided 3M adhesive pads which were useful.

Smart Garage LED Lighting

Smart Life App

The Smart Life pairing process is quick & painless. From the app home screen > tap + > tap Add Device and follow the on-screen instructions.

Smart Garage LED Lighting

Garage Lighting Automation

To automate my LED garage lighting, I created scenes within the Smart Life/Tuya app.

Smart Life Scenes

The scenes are set for when my garage side door opens, effective all day, turn on my garage light switch. And when my garage side door is closed, effective all day, turn off my garage light switch.

Smart Garage LED Lighting

Wrap Up

I hope this article was helpful in showing you how to install smart garage LED lighting. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer them. Thanks for reading!

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    Wow! What an impressive way, you shared your deeply researched thoughts regarding this topic. I also want to share my humble opinion, led garage lights in your garage illuminates your space and helps you access tools and other stored items while preventing accidents and injuries.

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    I Just read your post, it’s very informative and helpful too for readers. Dark spots and shadows may cause safety risks. Lighting on garage stairs is extremely important in terms of safety. Stair lights enhanced the appearance, safety and security of my garage.

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