Arlo Audio Doorbell: Should You Buy?

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In this review, we have the Arlo Audio Doorbell. This clever little device allows to you answer your door remotely using your phone or tablet when visitors press the button. The Arlo Audio Doorbell is easy to setup, totally wire-free and weather resistant too.

Whilst pondering whether to order a Ring Doorbell for added security at IoTDIY HQ, I discovered the Arlo Audio Doorbell. Like many Arlo customers, I already have a camera pointing towards my front door, so this reasonably priced smart Doorbell from Arlo was a no brainer. I liked the look of Ring’s Doorbell range, with built-in cameras, but managing a camera separate to my existing Arlo system seemed daft.

But was it worth it? Do I recommend that you purchase an Arlo Audio Doorbell if you already have Arlo cameras and a base station? Read my review to find out…

Initial Impressions

Arlo’s Audio Doorbell arrived promptly from Amazon. The front of the branded box has a red label warning that an Arlo base station is required and states it is designed for use with original Arlo, Pro & Pro 2 cameras. The remaining outer box is plastered with lists of the many features.


As you open the Arlo box, the Audio Doorbell is held securely in cardboard inner packaging. I immediately notice the compact sleek front design. I test the Doorbell button presses and they are positive but the clicking sound is quiet. The speaker is located at the top and PIR sensor at the bottom. There is nothing either side of the Doorbell.

At the rear, there are 2 screw attachment holes and the screws to install your existing wiring, if needed. Underneath is the security (Philips not Torx) screw which releases the back cover for replacing batteries.

Arlo Audio Doorbell

It is worth noting, Arlo generously provides useful accessories within the box:

  • 2x AA Batteries
  • Philips Double Head Screwdriver
  • Installation Screws & Anchors
  • Wire Extensions (only needed if you intend to hardwire your Arlo Audio Doorbell using your pre-existing Doorbell wiring).

The only thing Arlo does not include to help with your installation is a drill!

Key Features

The Arlo Audio Doorbell is packed full of features. According to Arlo’s website it is:

One Doorbell with all the answers.

Form Factor

Arlo Audio Doorbell’s weight & dimensions are:

Weight: 75 g
Length: 91 mm
Width: 45 mm
Depth: 27 mm

Weather Resistant

You can decide whether to install your Audio Doorbell indoors, undercover in a storm porch or outdoors. If you install outdoors, it will work in all weathers.

Arlo Audio Doorbell

Remote Communications

The Audio Doorbell has 2 way audio meaning you can talk to visitors remotely. The Doorbell uses your base station & Wi-Fi connection to call your phone when visitors press the Doorbell button. The call will appear as a normal incoming call on your smartphone or tablet.

Arlo Audio Doorbell

Listen in and talk back through the Doorbell from your smartphone. If you are not available or unable to answer, visitors can leave you a message.

Arlo Audio Doorbell

You can also add multiple users such as family members to receive incoming calls and communicate with visitors.

For those times when you cannot get to the door, Arlo has pre-recorded messages that you can create & use.

Silent Mode

If you do want to be disturbed, you can simply select silent mode which turns off calls and chime. After selecting silent mode in the Arlo app, you will be presented with the choice of disabling calls & chime. You can turn off either or both.

Arlo Audio Doorbell

Pairs with Arlo Cameras

The Audio Doorbell works seamlessly with original Arlo, Pro & Pro 2  cameras.

100% Wire Free

You do not need to worry about running long cables or power to the Doorbell as it is battery powered. This makes the Audio Doorbell extremely versatile and easy to install yourself.

Real-time Alerts

This feature is handy if you would prefer to receive notifications rather than calls when someone presses your Doorbell.



Insert the two AA batteries included.

To mount your Arlo Audio Doorbell, secure the battery cover to the wall using the screws provided, attach the Doorbell to the battery cover and secure the Doorbell with the security screw underneath the battery cover.

Arlo Audio Doorbell

Pair to Arlo Camera

To pair your Doorbell with a specific Arlo camera, open the Arlo app, tap settings followed by My Devices.

Tap the Doorbell and under Paired Devices, tap Pair to Camera. Select the camera and tap Save.

Arlo Audio Doorbell

In the Motion Settings, you can define what should happen after motion triggered alerts.

To receive alerts when your Doorbell detects motion, tap Motion Triggered Alerts, tap Add Device, Camera and then Next.

Tap Record Video, Next and for the recording settings, you can record until activity stops (up to 300 secs) or record for a fixed duration (from 10 to 120 secs). Use the slider to select your desired recording time and tap Next followed by Done.

Arlo Audio Doorbell

Battery Life

Arlo claims the two AA batteries used in Audio Doorbell’s typically last about a year with normal usage, but in my case the batteries have lasted between 6-9 months.

Thankfully, replacing the batteries is a simple process, you just need to unscrew the security screw underneath the battery cover to access the old and insert new batteries.

Arlo Audio Doorbell


I have been using the Arlo Audio Doorbell for over 12 months and overall, my experience has been exceptionally good.

My experience could have been even better if the speaker were louder as I live on a busy road and if Arlo reduced the delay from each button press to receiving a call. I would say on average it takes 5 seconds for my smartphone to ring.

Arlo Audio Doorbell and Camera

The camera pairing process is straightforward. I like the freedom to independently conceal and position your camera to achieve optimal viewing angles. It is awesome that Arlo has made the Doorbell backwards compatible with their camera range too.

A lot of people online see the separate Doorbell & Camera concept as “a bit backwards” but I feel this design format overcomes the mounting limitations with Doorbells that have built-in cameras.

Arlo Audio Doorbell and Chime

The Audio Doorbell is compatible with AC-powered mechanical and digital chimes operating between 8-24 volts. The only caveat is that you will need to connect the wiring from a traditional chime to your Audio Doorbell.

Alternatively, if you wish to keep with the wire-free theme, Arlo offers an add-on Chime. The Chime plugs into your mains socket and delivers instant chime alerts when someone presses your Audio Doorbell. You can easily adjust the volume and select from a variety of sounds.

Arlo Audio Doorbell and Alexa

After researching how to connect my Arlo Audio Doorbell with Alexa, I figured out how to enable Amazon Alexa devices to announce when someone presses my Doorbell.

You will most likely have the Arlo Skill already enabled in your Alexa app. Add your Arlo Doorbell as a new device (if it is not discovered automatically). In the Doorbell device settings under Doorbell Announcement, tap the slider to turn on Doorbell Press.

Arlo Audio Doorbell

I had some fun testing & choosing from the 26 Doorbell Sounds available. I settled for ‘Clock Strikes’ which kind of resembles Big Ben chimes.

Arlo Audio Doorbell


The Arlo Audio Doorbell RRP is £80/$100. I feel this price point represents good value for money considering the features this device adds to your existing Arlo camera system.

Does Arlo Audio Doorbell have a monthly fee?

The Arlo Audio Doorbell does not require a monthly fee or any subscription plan. Arlo includes 7 days of free cloud video recordings (up to 1GB storage).

Arlo’s free 7 days cloud storage is a major advantage when comparing other smart doorbell providers e.g. Ring who charge at least £2.50/$3.00 per month to access video recordings.

Final Thoughts

If you have already invested in an Arlo camera system, I highly recommend the Arlo Audio Doorbell to conveniently talk to visitors remotely.

If you are an avid online shopper, it is super handy to manage deliveries for when you are not at home and avoid having to answer your front door to unwanted visitors when you are at home.

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